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IMG_5097A backflow preventer technician is only as good as his equipment, the most important being the backflow test kit. A backflow test kit is made up of a differential gauge, needle valves, plumbing, hoses and a carrying case. Most manufacturers will recommend that your test kit be verified for accuracy at least once a year. If the gauge does not read within the manufacturer specifications, then the gauge must be calibrated. Calibration is the actual repair or adjustment that returns the gauge to within proper specifications. Verification of accuracy for each backflow test gauge should only be done with equipment that is NIST traceable. (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

American Backflow Products Company offers two levels of service to calibrate or recondition your gauges.

The Standard Verification/Calibration Service Level includes a 5 point verification, kit pressure test and is NIST traceable.

Calibration PhotoThe Reconditioning / Refurbishment Service Level starts with the standard service and also includes a deep cleaning of the hoses, gauge face, carrying case. Hose filters are replaced if needed as well.

American Backflow Products has a full service Gauge Repair Department. We can repair anything on your test kit from hose replacement to a full internal cleaning.

Let the experts you trust with your repair parts show you the same service and dependability with your backflow gauge! Choose one of our two services below.
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Should you have questions about our gauge services, simply call our office at (800) 575-9618 and a member of our customer service staff will be happy to help.

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