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Each month American Backflow Products writes an article for IAPMO’s Drinking Water & Backflow Prevention magazine.  These articles focus around questions that we are asked by testers like you.  Each article will focus on a particular backflow device repair, new products, tester education and many other topics.  If you have any questions or suggestions once you have read an article please feel free to contact us.  You may subscribe to Drinking Water & Backflow Prevention Magazine by visiting IAPMO’s webpage.

ames logo     Ames Repair Guys Articles


logo_DWBP_blue 8″ 2000SS Check Rubber Replacement

logo_DWBP_blue  4″ 3000SS Stuck Cam Check

logo_DWBP_blue  4000SS Relief Valve Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  4″ C200/C200A Check Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 3000DCDC Seat Removal

logo_DWBP_blue  4″ C400  Check Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 4000RP Tong Tool & Clapper Retainer How to Use

logo_DWBP_blue  4000SS Relief Valve Repair (Condensed)

logo_DWBP_blue  4″ 4000RP Repair


Apollo Logo     Apollo/Conbraco Repair Guy Articles


logo_DWBP_blue  1/2″ 4S-103 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  2 1/2″- 6″ 4S-100/4S-600  Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 40-200 Check Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1/2″ – 2″ RP4A Repair


Febco-Logo     Febco Repair Guys Article


logo_DWBP_blue  1″ 860 Relief Valve Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1″ 765  Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 825 Seat Differences

logo_DWBP_blue  825Y/825YR/825YA/825YS Descriptions

logo_DWBP_blue  4″ 860 Check Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 825YD Relief Valve Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  4″ 831 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  2″ 825Y Check Repair



Flomatic Logo     Flomatic Repair Guys Articles


logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/2 RPZ Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  3″ RPZ Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1″ RPZ Repair


Hersey Logo     Hersey Repair Guys Articles


logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 6CM Check Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/2″ FDC Repair


watts  Watts Repair Guys Articles 


logo_DWBP_blue  1″ 919 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 709 Seat Replacement

logo_DWBP_blue  3/4″” – 1″ 007 How to Identify Device

logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/4″ – 2″ 007 How to Identify Device

logo_DWBP_blue  3/4″ – 1″ 009 How to Identify Device

logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/4″ – 2″ 009 How to Identify Device

logo_DWBP_blue  3/4″ – 2″ 900 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1″ 995 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 957 Check Rubber Replacement

logo_DWBP_blue  2″ 007/009 Check Removal

logo_DWBP_blue  6″ 909 Leaking Relief Valve


Wilkins Logo     Wilkins Repair Guys Articles


logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/4″ – 2″ 375 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/4″ – 2″ 350 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  1 1/2″ 975 Check Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  3/4″ – 1″ 375 Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  3/4″ – 1″ 350 Repair


Other Articles


logo_DWBP_blue  Thermal Expansion Part 1

logo_DWBP_blue  Thermal Expansion Part 2

logo_DWBP_blue   Water Hammer

logo_DWBP_blue  Backflow Security Equipment

logo_DWBP_blue  Backflow Theft Prevention

logo_DWBP_blue  One Hose Test

logo_DWBP_blue  Wye Strainers

logo_DWBP_blue   Troubleshooting Part 1

logo_DWBP_blue  Troubleshooting Part 2

logo_DWBP_blue  Flipping Check Discs

logo_DWBP_blue  Pressure Loss

logo_DWBP_blue  Leaky Shutoff Valve

logo_DWBP_blue  Clogged Test Cocks

logo_DWBP_blue  Gate Valve Repair

logo_DWBP_blue  Leaking Shutoff Valve

logo_DWBP_blue  Customer Service

logo_DWBP_blue  Repair Kit Stock

logo_DWBP_blue  Protecting from Relief Valve Discharge

logo_DWBP_blue  RPDA Pressure Loss

logo_DWBP_blue  Dual Checks

logo_DWBP_blue  Repair vs. Replace

logo_DWBP_blue  Homemade Remedies

logo_DWBP_blue  Adding a Bypass Assembly

logo_DWBP_blue  Tester Ethics

logo_DWBP_blue  RPZ Start-up Instructions

logo_DWBP_blue  Administration Enforcement

logo_DWBP_blue  Retrofiting

logo_DWBP_blue   Spring Stretching

logo_DWBP_blue  Repairing A Leaky Gate Valve

logo_DWBP_blue  Keeping Costs Down

logo_DWBP_blue   Hydraulic Conditions

logo_DWBP_blue  Freeze Protection Valve

logo_DWBP_blue  Backflow Theft

logo_DWBP_blue  Relief Valve Failure Monitor

logo_DWBP_blue  ARI RP-500 Repair