Thermal Expansion Tanks

Thermal Expansion TanksPotable Water Expansion Tanks are designed to absorb the increased volume of water created by thermal expansion and to maintain balanced pressure throughout the potable water supply system.  Heated water expands, and in a domestic hot water system, the system may be closed when the potable water system is isolated from the public water supply by a one-way valve such as pressure reducing valve, backflow preventer or check valve.  Provisions must be made for this expansion.  Expansion tanks absorb the increased volume of water created when the hot water storage tank is heated and keeps the system pressure below the relief setting of the T&P relief valve.  It is a pre-pressurized steel tank with an expansion membrane that prevents contact of the water with the air in the tank.  This prevents loss of air to the water and insures long and troublefree life for the system. These tanks may be used with all types of Direct Fired Hot Water Heaters (gas, oil or electric) and hot water storage tanks.

Thermal Expansion Tank Specification

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