Wilkins Model 375DA RPDA

375DAThe Wilkins 375DA/375ADA is a reduced pressure detector assembly ( RPDA ).  It is available in 2 ½” – 10” sizes and has been in production since 1998.  The “A” series began in 2004 and indicates that the inlet and outlet of device body are grooved instead of flanged.  Parts are interchangeable between the 375DA and 375ADA series except on 2 ½” – 3” sizes where the repair parts are different.  The body is made of ductile iron with a fused epoxy coating.  The 375DA/375ADA utilize a ¾” 975XLD for the bypass assembly.  A lead free version was introduced in 2011 (375ADAXL).

Parts Breakdown

PDF  Series 375DA Parts Breakdown

Repair Procedures

Repair Videos


Repair Videos

2 ½” – 3” 375DA Repair Video

4” – 6”  375DA Repair Video

8” – 10″ 375DA Repair Video

Repair Guy Article

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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

PDF  Series 375DA- Spec Sheet

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