Fire Pump Packing Test Kits

Our collection of fire pump packing kits is designed to cater to varied pumping requirements. If you are looking for a fire pump repack kit for your specific needs, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.
Our fire pump kits include all the essential parts and hardware that are typically replaced in the process of routine repacking of the pumps. We carry a full line of fire pump repacking kits from AC Pump, Pentair Aurora, Fairbanks Morse, Patterson, Peerless, SPP and many more. Ranging from packing rings, lantern rings, swing bolts, cover gaskets, bearings, seals and sleeves and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Each of these parts is designed for durability and excellent quality.  
Repacking and regular maintenance of pumps is an important step towards protecting your property. It’s an excellent preventative measure that helps avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs at a later stage. Browse our range of fire pump packing kits to find one that meets your needs!

About American Backflow

American Backflow carries a world class inventory of backflow testing equipment, repair parts, specialty tools, assemblies, and enclosures and cages. In addition we have a full service gauge repair department to fulfill the wide-ranging repair needs of our clients. Be it equipment or testing kits, we offer completely reliable and efficient repair parts and technical assistance you can get your equipment in full working condition in no time. Also see our selection of casing relief valves!