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Mid-West Backflow Test Kit

What you’re testing with a Mid-West Backflow Test Kit

Generally speaking, when you use a Mid-West backflow testing kit, you’re testing a backflow to make sure it is operating correctly. A backflow needs to protect the drinking water system against a possible backflow occurrence. Having a faulty backflow valve can be lethal for the community who rely on that backflow prevention for clean drinking water. A Mid-West backflow test gauge will verify if your backflow is operating correctly and meeting testing standards.

When a backflow technician is testing the device, they’ll verify that all components are working properly. They can do this with a Mid-West backflow testing kit. By using a Midwest test kit you will be able to identify if any internal components are not protecting against a possible backflow occurrence. Mid-West makes a variety of high quality test kits including the models 845-5, 845-3, 830 and 835.

How often should you test a backflow?

Typically a backflow needs to be tested on an annual basis. Some state regulations are different from others, some applications may require a closer eye, and if your backflow preventer has added stress you may need to test it more regularly. Check with your local water department or jurisdiction having authority to verify how frequently you should test your backflow. For all of your testing needs, use Mid-West backflow testing equipment. We also carry a full line of testing accessories and tools by Mid-West and many other manufacturers. Click here to see some different options.