Test Fittings and Brass Adapter

The backflow prevention valve is crucial to any piping network. Most importantly, is designed to protect potable drinking water from cross-connections and contaminations. However, to ensure the backflow valve is working properly, it should be tested periodically.

Backflow Test Fittings

Typically, backflow test gauge kits come with a pressure gauge, hoses, needle valves, and test fittings. Test fittings are used to attach your backflow gauge to the backflow you are testing. They come in two forms: standard brass test fittings or quick test fittings. Standard brass test fittings will be installed using teflon tape to prevent leaks while performing your backflow test. Quick test fittings do not require teflon tape as they utilize an o-ring to seal and are installed finger tight to the test cock.

Caps or Plugs

Once you are finished with your backflow test and removed your test fittings or brass adapters you may need to protect your test cocks. Installing a cap or plug is a great way to make sure your test cocks are protected and no debris enters them before your next backflow test. You can get plugs and caps in either plastic or brass.

There is a great deal to know when it comes to backflow test kits, fittings, plugs and adapters but there are also plenty of resources at your disposal. Contact us with any questions, and make sure you get the right items.