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Looking for an OCV control valve? American Backflow presents a wide range of OCV control valves. Browse our collection of valves to find one that meets your specific needs.

As a global leader in manufacturing and supplying automatic control valves, OCV offers a full product line of multi-purpose, market specific control valves. No matter what the fluid control solution, OCV’s wide range of hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, automatic control valves has got you covered.

OCV control valves enjoy widespread use in varied domains, be it Waterworks, Fire Protection, Aviation Fueling, or Commercial Plumbing. You can count on solutions offered by OCV for all your needs, ranging from the simplest of requirements to the more challenging applications. They also offer complex custom solutions to suit specific needs.

OCV control valves adhere to the highest quality benchmarks. It comes as no surprise then that they are ubiquitously used across the globe and within a diverse array of markets and for various applications. There are many potent examples of the application usage of OCV control valves, ranging from the municipal water systems in the US to the Russian oil refineries and the irrigation systems in Europe.

OCV remains dedicated to excellence in all aspects of its business, right from delivering quality control valves to providing exceptional service and maintaining high standards of professionalism. 

American Backflow is a leading OCV control valves distributor. In addition, we also present a diverse array of control valves from other manufacturers. See our full catalogue of control valves!

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